Google+ Or Facebook – Which Is A Better Social Network For Marketing In Malaysia

June 13, 2013 0 Comments

A few years back, when Facebook had taken the Internet scene by storm, people used to compare it with Google. This of course was an unfair comparison as the former was a social network while the latter was a search engine. However, that is not the case anymore with Google launching its very own social network, Google+. Since both of them do not differ a great deal, users do wonder which social network in Malaysia would be more suited for their marketing activities.

On the surface, the answer is not that difficult as users are free to use whichever network can provide more value to them and which is more suited to their particular needs. To help you make an informed decision, I have provided a little bit of information below regarding the features each network provides and what impact it can have on the Malaysia internet marketing scene.

What Is New About Google Plus+

The Introduction Of Circles

This feature enables you to share certain things, such as news items, pictures, and other stuff with specific people you have added in a circle. This helps you to filter information and ensure your posts reach only the people to whom they were intended. This feature is really handy to keep your personal contacts and professional contact separate. It is also possible to do so with Facebook but you have to create these groups like a list which can be a bit tedious.

Video Chat Also Know As Hangouts

If you are an internet marketer in Malaysia, video chats can be an awesome feature from a business perspective. In a hangout, it is possible for you to have video chat with up to 10 people at a time and use it for marketing activities such as product demonstrations. At Facebook, it is not possible to create a group chat.

Share Content Using Sparks

Sparks is a great Google+ feature that allows users to share content with other users as well as users with correlating sparks with your content. This is basically a recommendation engine created for Google+ users to find and share content according to their interests.

Help In Search Engine Visibility

Although Google is silent on how much weight it is giving to Google+, internet marketers in Malaysia have already noticed visible increases in search engine traffic. Researchers and analysts are predicting that combining your Google+ account with your Google Profile can have a positive impact on your business’s search engine visibility.

Calculating The ROI Of Social Networking Time

When it comes to picking a social network in Malaysia for promoting your business, you should select the one that can offer the best ROI. While evaluating social media ROI, you can take into accounts features such as increase in website impressions and traffic, better click through rate, better presence in the press, and a visible increase in your followers at the specific network.

After analyzing the performance of your website from the above mentioned perspective, you can be in a position to determine which network is providing better results and is more suited for your Malaysia internet marketing activities.

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